OpenMRS Platform 1.12.0 released

Hi, We released the OpenMRS platform 1.12.0 and the release notes can be found here

As mentioned in the release notes, the main feature available with 1.12.0 is the functionality of Order Sets.

Many thanks to all of you that have contributed to this release.


Regards, Bharat Akkinepalli


I notice that we’ve missed a couple of steps in this release’s process.

  1. The fixVersion is not released in JIRA
  • in fact there are two non-closed tickets listed
  1. On we are still highlighting 1.11.6 as the latest platform version

@bharatak, are you able to address these? (Do you have sufficient privileges?)

Hi @darius, I fixed the point (2). Sorry for missing that out. For (1), I dont have enough privilege to close the tickets. Can somebody help me in closing them? or can I request for that privilege?

Also, I noticed another place in sourceforge website that the latest version is shown as 1.11.6. I am unable to modify it to point to 1.12.0. Can you help me there?

@bharatak, I closed one ticket, and moved the other to Platform 1.12.1. Can you “release” the version from JIRA now?

(@maurya, can you make sure that our documentation/process ensures that a release manager always does have these privs?)

I don’t know how to change the highlighted sourceforge link. @maurya, @r0bby, do you know how to do this?

I can do that.


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Thanks @r0bby!

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Update, I can’t figure out the sourceforge one – but the download page is correct

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Thanks @r0bby!

I updated the download button on

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I couldn’t find the link and I was suffering from slow internet at the time

No worries, @r0bby. We’re all better off when we work as a team anyway. :slight_smile:

@bharatak are you able to release this now (and backdate it to the actual date of release)?

Fixed – I set the release date as yesterday

Not fixed, actually – the release date should be May 24 (at least that’s when this thread was started, Pacific time). And the fixVersion is still in the Unreleased state.

I could do this myself, but I’m trying to exercise the correct process and ensure that it works right. Which is why @bharatak, the release manager for Platform 1.12.0, should do this last step.

(And if he doesn’t have the privileges, we need to fix the process to ensure this happens.)

Let me see – I’m a jira admin – so can fix this.

@r0bby, I’m asking you not to fix this because I want @bharatak to try. (See my “correct process” comment above.)

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Looking at permissions – it doesn’t look like he will be able to

Okay, that’s helpful to know.

@maurya, as release manager manager, do you know if (a) our release process instructions for release managers are missing a step to request this privilege, or (b) we just skipped it this time?

I added him as an admin for trunk – so he should be able to do it now. We can adjust it if need be for record @wyclif and @k_joseph are the current admins for TRUNK that I saw (at least on JIRA) – it’s easy to roll back

Hi @darius, I released the Jira and updated the release notes with details on issues/epic/bugs. Thank you.