OpenMRS Partnerships

OpenMRS Partnerships

Dear Community , as we all know there is always a shortage of developers who contribute to Priority Tickets or otherwise , and as the available ones raise Dev status ,they are usually fished out by Implementing Partners , as a result there is always a shortage of developers , testers , documenters e.t.c


Refactory is a new Ugandan Based Tech academy from Clarke International University , which trains hungry minds in Uganda through boot camps ,and is sourcing out for partners to have their graduates work on live Projects.I see OpenMRS as a good candidate

Graduates are schooled in the trending practices of Software development like Scrum , Agile , TDD , OOP , System Design and other soft skills e.t.c with basic front end Technologies Like Javascript (ES6) / Html / CSS and Trending Frameworks like React / AngularJS.

I see this as a mutual benefit / interest for both Parties (OpenMRS and Refactory) .

OpenMRS has several unfinished projects / Tickets which could be finished through sprints ,but we do not have many devs to do that , Refactory trains Industry ready Devs but is looking out for partners to work on live projects .

Is it possible for us to partner with Clarke University’s Refactory Acaddemy ? Do we need this partnership ?

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Regards Tendo


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To me it sounds a good idea. how about the rest?

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Definitely worth a chat at the next PM call

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