Openmrs OPD Visit.

hello everyone, please, help. how can i add to OPD visit concepts with dropdown and when you select the option there are different concepts to fill data

Hello @maximus, Can you please give more information about your requirement ?

  1. Where do you want to add the concepts
  2. What is the use case or in other words what is that you are trying to achieve ?

In case, you are trying to create an observation form/template where you can fill the data. Please watch this video which in detail explains different ways of creating the fields. One of the way is to display a drop down with the values auto populated.

I want to add in opd visit the concept of drop-down list and when I select an option on the lower part appear different concepts. for example: drop down concept: things Options: cars, homes … When I select cars, on the lower part appear different concepts for cars (color, Mark…) But when I select homes , on the lower part appear different concepts for homes ( street, size)

Thank you)

Which page of Bahmni are you referring as OPD Visit?