OpenMRS only supports mysql?

Just started to read and understand openMRS.So to make sure it only works on mysql and other databases such as postgresql or mongodb? What about the fork of mysql Mariadb? I just installed openMRS on Ubuntu 16.x and trying to play with it.

  • MongoDB is very, very different. So it won’t work likely - actually it just won’t work period. Mongo is NOT a relational database, it’s what’s called a NoSQL DB.

  • I believe it works with mariadb as it is a fork of mysql. I’m not sure if we’ve tested postgres support, I like postgres a lot but I don’t work on the EMR so I don’t know if it’s supported.

thank you for the information :slight_smile: I just tried mariadb and is working so far. Same configuration as per your instructions. Would be nice if we had postgres.

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postgres has some nice features.