OpenMRS OCL Client Sprint 12 Announcement

Hello everyone,

Introducing the 12th sprint for Open Concept Lab for OpenMRS. The sprint will last for 14 days. We shall be using this sprint to finish up tasks from sprint 11and fix any bugs we come across. We also hope that we can have the MVP released by the end of this sprint!

Below are the details about this sprint:

Start date : 28th November 2018

End date : 18th December 2018

Jira Board :

Github repository :

Wiki :

Team Lead : Daniel Kayiwa(@dkayiwa )

Development team

CC: @darius @akanter @c.antwi

Here’s the link to the Sprint planning video:

Thanks, everyone. I wanted to capture some other issues for the backlog. I just tested

  1. Initially importing CIEL concepts to new dictionary. Loading the UI with CIEL takes too long. Even with only 1217 concepts. I would recommend not loading anything until a search is entered.

  2. Searching on the Bulk add screen should not just be Starts with… If I want to find ASTHMA diagnoses, I might miss lots where ASTHMA is not the first word. Perhaps this requires a different search mechanism rather than the sponge search which is acting like a filter to the result list.

  3. After adding a concept to personal dictionary, there is no indication that the item was added other than the status popup. The button should be disabled for adding the concept after it has been added. Also, no concepts actually get added (tried first Anemia diagnosis). However, I cannot readd so they must be there but are not shown in the UI. When I look at the traditional OCL site, there are no concepts.

  4. Concept detail screen is not formatted correctly. Needs to follow Darius mockup. Test data needs to include actual CIEL data including all mappings, etc.


A ticket was made and worked on for the first issue.

I am not sure I understand what you mean on issue 2.

Created a ticket for the third issue and added you as the reporter in order to get updates. However, I am not sure why concepts are not on the traditional OCL.

I would like some more clarity on issue 4

Searching is usually performed in several ways: Exact match, starts with… (the term must start with the search token) and Includes (term can contain the search token anywhere in the string). This latter search is more common that either of the first two options.