OpenMRS not starting: org.openmrs.api.APIException

I have installed openMRS successfully on my localhost and I was playing a bit with it by installing new modules. I tried installing the Atlas module but it crashed and now i cannot start my openMRS. It gives me this error:

An error has occurred!

The following error happened somewhere on this page: org.openmrs.api.APIException: Service not found: interface org.openmrs.api.UserService

(The full error stack trace output is in the source of this page.)

I really have no idea why this happened and how I can solve it. Any tips/ideas what might be wrong here?

@dianadarie, welcome to the OpenMRS community.

I have seen weird messages like this sometimes after uploading modules via the UI. Restarting Tomcat usually gets things running right again. Do you still get this error after restarting Tomcat?

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no, it works now. Thank you very much!!