OpenMRS Multiple Obs JSON format


I am currently trying to figure out how to make a JSON for obs that can be posted in OpenMRS that shows that blood pressure was taken every four hours. I understand how to create a JSON for just one observation but not multiple. Do I need to create certain concepts in OpenMRS first to achieve this?

(Also not sure if this is where I should post)

hi @sixxh

take an example of this json below

  "person": "uuid",
  "obsDatetime": "2019-04-21T09:43:36.709Z",
  "concept": "uuid",
  "location": "string",
  "order": "string",
  "encounter": "string",
  "accessionNumber": "string",
  "groupMembers": [
  "valueCodedName": "string",
  "comment": "string",
  "voided": true,
  "value": "string",
  "valueModifier": "string",
  "formFieldPath": "string",
  "formFieldNamespace": "string",
  "status": "PRELIMINARY",
  "interpretation": "NORMAL"
} ,

add all the related multiple obs you want to add in the groupMembers property that takes an array of related obs


Thank you for the quick response! So as far as what you mentioned about the groupMembers section, do I just need to put the number of observations being taken over a 24 hour period or do I need to create separate observations and have each uuid number listed in the groupMembers section of this JSON?

And for the second half of this JSON is their somewhere I can reference to determine what needs to go into each string section. I am a student and a bit unfamiliar with some of the terms used.