OpenMRS modules storage

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I am having challenges posting a question. Anyway, I wonder where openmrs modules are stored. They seem to remain in the system if for example I undeploy openMRS without deleting the modules first. Even if I uninstall tomcat or clear the OpenMRS folder under Webapps in tomcat.

What is the version you are using. This wasn’t optional information. Are you using Bahmni? Reference Application?

should be in $HOME/OpenMRS/modules, assumging you are using either platform or reference application. Don’t know much about bahmni

Currently I have 1.11.6 but previously I was running on 1.9.9. I am using reference application

Hi @beleb If you’re using a Ubuntu distribution it should be in /var/lib/OpenMRS/modules - this is how is listed in my own installation check if it’s listed like that in yours. hope this helps