openmrs-module -Referencemetadata - Change in DataSet

Hallo ,Friends,in reference to RA-1170 (,a change of retired_by’s alue “1” with “null” in the .xml datasets throws a testEverything(org.openmrs.module.referencemetadata.ReferenceMetadataActivatorComponentTest): org.dbunit.dataset.datatype.TypeCastException: Unable to typecast value of type <java.lang.String> to INTEGER Exception…

Question :I understand there is a mismatch between String null value being parsed to an int variable.However i have failed to track down the concerned instance in the Test method (testEverything())

Any hints? thanks alot

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Instead of setting the value of retired_by to “null” simply remove the retired_by property. That will fix your problem.

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@dkayiwa Thank you very much