openmrs microfrontend tickets

hello here. i decided to take up the ticket at [O3-1102] patient registration form not displayed if search results page is displayed - OpenMRS Issues but i can not tell which module or file it may be found. i may need some help please @samuel34 @mherman22 @jwnasambu @sharif

Take time and heed to the advice in this Comment.

yah about the slack channel? that one was a wall to me. i have cloned into and folked the openmrs-esm-core module. is there anything else or that is all i need to peruse through

Try this GitHub - openmrs/openmrs-esm-patient-management: Microfrontends for the management of patients (registration, search, ...) for OpenMRS SPA andread through the codebase and see if t has the stuff you want covered.

Then the documents in the above comment should help you set up the modules…

Sorrry about tht…lemi go through the post and leave a comment for you

thank you let me go through it