OpenMRS & MDS Setup

Hi All, I am bhanu. I have configured OpenMRS & MDS on server successfully. But while posting patient encounters data from postman I am getting error.

We have configured MDS & OpenMRS on diffrent instance 2 years back and it is working fine. But now I am trying to configure from scratch with latest versions of OpenMRS & MDS. While posting data the below error I am getting.

{ “status”: “FAILURE”, “message”: “Exception : <class ‘mds.core.models.procedure.DoesNotExist’> Procedure matching query does not exist. File “/opt/sana/sana.mds/mds/mrs/”, line 101, in create\n encounter, data, created = spform_to_encounter(form.cleaned_data)\n”, “code”: 404, “errors”: [] }

Can any one help me to fix this error.

I want to explore my skills and want take online training regarding MDS & OpenMRS implementation and setup. Can any one ready to give tryining on MDS & OpenMRS.

That error appears to be happening in MDS, so you may need to post your question to the Sana users group to get a solution.