OpenMRS Marketing Plan


I would like to raise the topic of the marketing activities plan for OpenMRS. The Internet and related social media are an inseparable element of the marketing campaigns of all organizations and companies throughout the world. Currently, the largest promotional activities are carried out on the Internet. The biggest marketing campaigns are held on the Internet.

OpenMRS has accounts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The activity on these portals is at least insufficient and ineffective. These activities do not bring the appropriate benefits, which is why I propose to redefine the social media marketing strategy anew. Together we create great things as an open-source community and it would be worth sharing and showing the world as much and as effectively as possible.

With SolDevelo Foundation we’ve created an option for social media strategy plan that could OpenMRS implement easily, with our help (PR & Marketing for OpenMRS - Google Docs). We can provide our help in running social media platforms as well as in other marketing activities.

Everyone here creates the OpenMRS, so together we should create a good plan that could help us strive and grow up in the Internet.

At Monday we have “Event & Marketing Meeting” where we can discuss more or I can answer on your questions here.

I’m waiting for you feedback, opinions and suggestions up to 14th of March.

cc: @jperkowska @annakwasny @jennifer @christine