OpenMRS Locations page fails to load

After installing OpenMRS Version 1.9.10, on trying to access the locations page, it displays a blank area, at the same time when I try to start the Muzima Biometrics Module 1.0.0, it loads for a few seconds then throws an error, “internal server error:Locations list could not be loaded” What could the problem be?

You will need to share tomcat logs for one to tell the underlying cause of failure.

Attached are the logs both Tomcat and OpenMRS , hope this helps catalina.2017-01-16.txt (13.8 KB) openmrs.txt (1.6 MB)

This looks like a database that is out of sync with the application. If you do not have any data to lose, can you just drop the database, delete the runtime properties file and do a fresh install?

And if you have data that you do not want to lose, what is the value of the property “auto_update_database” in your runtime properties file.

I dropped the database and deleted the OpenMRS folder (This includes the runtime properties) in application data then got a new war file which worked perfect, thanks for the support @dkayiwa