OpenMRS Load Testing

Has anyone performed load testing on any versions of OpenMRS? We’re considering a larger deployment with 200+ concurrent users and are planning to do some load testing. If other groups have results to share, lessons learned or scripts that they’ve used in the past we’d appreciate it. Thank you!

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@herbert24 @mozzy Can you look into this?

cc @dkayiwa

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Interesting @maryrocheleau and @dkayiwa! I looked up some things about JMeter that Joaquin and Saptarshi mentioned, and seems useful. I think load testing our products is something that would be beneficial to the community as a whole, for understanding what our limits are in:

  1. how folks should be using the products (use cases),
  2. their expectations for performance, and
  3. identifying where we might focus on improvements to address existing use cases better or to address new use cases (larger clinics, networks of clinics, etc).

Wouldn’t this be something that the community could setup as part of the CI/release builds? And publish a report of the results each time for folks to utilize in their work?

@burke @paul @jdick Has AMPATH done any type of load testing / performance testing? @ball @mseaton Anything PIH has done?