OpenMRS intergration with Medical Mobile

Question: We are looking for an extension of OpenMRS that can support the community services using mobile devices. We are looking for solutions and one of them is MedicMobile, has anyone here ever used Medic Mobile? We would like to hear and share experiences from other implementations that have done the same. The implementation is UgandaEMR in Uganda.

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Have you also evaluated mUzima? @ayeung can fill you in.

Right now we are looking at all available solutions, sorry i forgot to ask about mUzima, but we would love to here from all the mobile solutions that work with openmrs so we can choose the one that serves our needs

Thanks, @dkayiwa and @solemabrothers! We would be happy to set up a demo and answer any questions you might have. mUzima has been used for chronic disease management programs as well as Kenya MOH eHTS (HIV Testing and Screening/Linkage) in over 60 sites. Also, Mother Infant Prevention Program will be launched in 20 sites in a month or so.

@ayeung is it possible to set up a meeting today and have a demo on how muzima works?

Hi, @solemabrothers, our team is available today 4pm EAT. Let us know if that works for your team. Also, it would be helpful to know your use cases so that we can prepare the relevant demo. Thank you!

@ayeung I will be available at that time, how can we join for this meeting.

@solemabrothers, you can join via Talk to you soon!

I am waiting,will be with you in the next 15 minutes

Great! We are on now.