Openmrs -InsuranceClaims module doesnot display as expected

Hello friends, Am currently trying to run openmrs-Insurance Claims module unfortunately after cloning and building it into an instance of standalone.2.9.0, i was so surprised of the ui and functionalities shown,

Basic-module-page Am not sure if whether i need to first add its extension modules like app framework and fhir module into its pom.xml Following this link,orelse not sure am building the exact module or am missing out something, here is the repository .Some guidance will be highly appreciated. cc @dkayiwa @ibacher @mksd @k.joseph @kmadej @mozzy

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did you try out this link

Thanks @herbert24 but thats the same link i shared

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@sharif are you sure you have understood how to use the functionalities in that module ?? seems like you simply accessed the links on the admin page :slightly_smiling_face:

@mozzy the source code configured at the admin page was configured like that, Am not sure if i need to access this page through another page link or app. checkout the code controller class, and its corresponding class.

Ooops sorry this was mistakenly taken at first eye set.After a look through, this was configured to be interfaced using coreapp at clinicalfacingapp.

However, in the legacy ui at the administration page, i would think to add a link that looks alike with the basic module admin page by default can lead any implementor lost when unfortunately not lost enway, if a certain implementor that is not well familiar openmrs, this may lead him/her out of track or trace.thanks everyone @dkayiwa @mozzy @herbert24

Hello All ,Am encountering an error while trying to add a new consumed item prescribed by the any super user to patient

Currently its seems impossible to add a consumed item ie any (drug) as a consumed item in HFE , Javascript message autocomplete answer not invalid appears after trying to add any drug in the consumed, am sure this has been implemented very well but am kinda blocked.

  1. Here are the steps to reproduce
  • Register any patient ,or you can choose any registered patient in the system.

  • Start a visit, and include all visit attributes

  • Under clinicalfacing home page, click the consumed item link, try adding the consumed items , and including quantity of the consumed items, an error indicating autocomplete answer not valid. Your guidance will be highly appreciated


Created a ticket in jira such that if we agree and all can be worketh.

cc @mksd @dkayiwa @ibacher @mozzy

Am still blocked members however, another option is may be trying a number of concept dictionary concepts.