OpenMRS installation link

I would like ask for a good link for installing OpenMRS I am new in the community this is my first time to interact with the community.I hope I will a lot from you.

Thank you in advance

hello @leqela your welcome to openmrs community

you can have a look at this and

Also don’t forget to go through these steps

@laqela kindly let us know here in case of challenges in the installation process!!

Thak you very much @gcliff I will look onto the links and get back to you.I am using ubuntu 16.05 LTS.

@ herbert24 Thank you very much I am going to look on the links and see if I can come up with something.Bye the way I am going to install the OpenMRS on Ubuntu 16.05 LTS.

Thank you very much.

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@laqela great you can go on

Thank you team I was able to install openMRS platform on my local instance I really thank you a lot.So now I want to extend the application to act as a clinical document registry for storing patient information data.Which link should i use to help me.I have installed version 1.11.9.Mysql version is 5.6 and tomcat server is 7.I already have my mediator running so I want to set up the openMRS.


you can have a look through ok this

Thanks @herbert24 was able to install the package. Thanks a lot

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that sounds awesome

@herbert24 I also want to install openSHR so kindly asking for a good link where I can be able to read and install it.the link i have seems not to be working because it seems like it was updated before JAVA 8 license could stop.I am troubleshooting on having java 8 on ubuntu 14.05 LTS because is the openshr package is using it.But confuse me is that on ubuntu 16.05 LTS i am able to have java 8 installed but the openshr package cannot be installed.

Could this be of help?

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