OpenMRS in Malaysia and Indonesia


I am a Google Code-In (GCI) student in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and I am very interested in finding out where OpenMRS is used in my country and neighbouring country, Indonesia. Some of my GCI tasks require me to do research regarding the project and according to the OpenMRS Floss Manual : on line 29, OpenMRS is used in Malaysia and Indonesia. This really surprised me and intrigued me to find out more about OpenMRS being used in a clinic/clinics in my own country.

Most government clinics here, even in the city still manually record data will thousands of paper files and filing cabinets. Some have integrated EMR but still utilise paper. There’s only one “paper-less” hospital here. It would be great to know where OpenMRS is being used in Malaysia because I was also considering paying the clinic(s) a visit to shoot footage as well because I am also completing a promotional video for the new OpenMRS iOS client app recently developed by a fellow GCI participant.

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As answered by @arbaughj on the implementers@ mailing list, check out:

Tenom Hospital

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