OpenMRS ID Down

For the whole of today, OpenMRS ID has been down and hence people cannot log in JIRA. @cintiadr or @burke does any one know what we should do?

ya true that

Is there anything we can help with?

Is there any ETA when this will be fixed?

So the people who can fix this problem would be @pascal or @whiscard can do that.

I saw the alarm yesterday, but I was too tired to action on it.

Sorry I dint get the notification. But looks like it’s back? I can login to Jira.

I fixed it

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Thanks @cintiadr :). I can also log in now.

Thanks @cintiadr! What was the problem? :smile:

Cool thanks.

Thanks @cintiadr

The certificate, as usual. It expires after 2 months. That’s what’s on the wiki.

I keep on believing that I will fix it for real before the next time, but reality is that I really need help on that.

Is the fix complicated? Or is it something that i can do? :slight_smile:

It’s on the wiki page Iinked before. Not sure if you feel comfortable following it.

@whiscard do you think that you can do it? :slight_smile:

@dkayiwa do you want me to add you to pingdom? If I do, you’ll be able to configure mobile push notifications about our main alarms, so you’ll know exactly what we received.

You won’t be able to action on all, sometimes it’s a flake, but at least you’ll be aware when it happens.

Or if you prefer by email I can arrange that too I believe.

Am happy with whatever you think is best! :smile:

I added your email. Let me know if you want to use mobile push notifications, I can certainly give you creds to pingdom mobile.