OpenMRS Hackathon - Dallas, TX, USA

Hello, I am Pramodh Rachakatla, wroking as Senior Delivery Manager with Thoughtworks (TW) We are conducting an ‘internal’ hackathon at TW office in Dallas, TX, USA on Feb 5th, 2016 from 6-9PM Central Standard Time.

We were wondering if we could get any help from the developer community to help with the hackathon, to answer any technical questions for setting up the development environment or while looking at the introductory tickets etc…

We have a wiki page at

In case any one is interested please respond back to

Myself or one of the group member will get back to you.

Thanks, -Pramodh


Hi Pramodh,

We are glad to hear that you guys will be sparing some of your time to hack on OpenMRS tickets, unfortunately a lot of OpenMRS developers live in time zones that are ahead of US time zones so it might be tricky get them available in that time frame given it would be either very late in the night or very early in the morning for others. My suggestion is to ask the participants to try and set up their dev environments a day or 2 before the hackathon that way they can get help with it when the OpenMRS devs are available. I for one will try to be available to offer technical assistance between 5-6.30pm EST(6-7.30pm CST)


Thanks Wyclif. Yes we are working to have the participants set up the development environments before Friday. I will forward the hackathon invite. I understand the time different limitations, but appreciate you trying to help.

Thanks for letting us know @prachakatla!

I’ll be online for most of this time window also. I’ve added a link on the hackathon wiki page mentioning the IRC channel.

Thanks Darius