OpenMRS Eye Examination Module

Hello all,

     I am interested in using OpenMRS for eye examinations.  I am looking at the add-ons and I am not finding anything that lists Eye Examinations or anything of the sort.  Does OpenMRS have such an add-on?

Thank you.

@lonesoac0 I have not personally come across one,perharps it’s out there.But one can be created

How do I create a Form/module?

If you intend to use the Reference Application (demo here) then you should create an eye examination form using the HTML Form Entry Module.

It is possible that such forms have already been made by some implementation or another, but it is not obvious that those implementers are reading this thread and would be able to shed light. Designing a single form is not overwhelming though.

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@lonesoac0 That will very much on what you want to include ,however if it’s just texts, what @mksd should suffice.