OpenMRS Documentation Would Be Clearer and Better to Understand

I think the OpenMRS documentation would be better to understand if every piece of documentation you bump into would not make you start again and again (due to too many approaches, lack of details from some and or outdated documentation) while setting up. This might be frustrating for a really newbie developer.

Just an idea to the community.

Keep up the good work you are all doing.

Thanks @pcp for the positive feedback and welcome to the OpenMRS Community! :slight_smile:

Would you like to join the documentation team? Or do you prefer to contribute in ways other than documentation?

cc @jwnasambu @c.antwi

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@pcp Thanks very much for the information given. Kindly feel free to share the link where adjustments are to be make.

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Thank you @dkayiwa for your suggestion, I think this is gonna be one of the best ways for me to contribute to the community. Yes for sure I am interested in joining the documentation team though I am fully interested in contributing to the development team in working on modules.

Thanks @jwnasambu, I will work on that.

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