Openmrs "Date Format" conventions

Am working on a ticket for the obs resource to support more date formats. The quick solution is for the obs resource to delegate to the Rest-Modules Conversion Util , since it supports more date fomats that what the obs class supports. At a quick glance ,all the date formats we support starts with yyyy-MM-dd. But there are many more other date formats. Do we have any openmrs standard convetions for date formats??

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I would expect that all REST resources should support the same formats, so I think the correct choice is to use the REST module’s existing utility.

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Hi, to incorporate time zones into the data model/API perhaps we consider following ISO 8601?

ISO 8601 is great for machines; however, I don’t think is a good standard for human readable dates.

In the other thread, I suggested a way to display the date in the UX for humans UX Design Updates for OpenMRS Flow / Micro Frontends

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