Openmrs Database Dump Problem Can't Find Concepts By Name

Hi everyone,

I have a local bahmni-vagrant instance with a list of new concepts created, I had done a Mysqldump to my local openmrs database, after that I inserted the openmrs dump into my remote bahmni server, everything goes ok, except ONE issue, when I tried to find a Concept by his name using openmrs inside Admin > Dictionary, isn’t able to find it, I only can find a Concept using the Concept Id.

And that’s a problem because when ever I try to add a Concept to a Coded concept (Dropdown) I’m not able to find the Concept when I write his name, it’s like the Concept doesn’t exist. By the way, in my local bahmni server I do able to find a concept by his name.

Any advise?

Can you try to rebuild the search index?


Hi @dkayiwa,

Yes, you are right!. Rebuild the search index, solved my problem.

Thanks for you help!

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