Openmrs Core throws an Exception During Installation

ok first sop tomcat , close the DB connection you opened via commandline , and restart tomcat again , and feed in the right root user password

@mozzy Have re-started the machine, started tomcat a fresh. So should I begin the installation when db is down

yes now just start mysql , but dont make any connection via commandline , just ensure mysql is running

@mozzy should I enter password for the root or for the user in the installation

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yes exactly

root password or user password

password for root account (user) of mysql . the one you used to connect to mysql

Entered root password and during the last phase of installation it threw this exception below

I think there should be some changes that may need to made in the openmrs run properties that are created with in the tomcat folder located at [C:\Program Files\Dev\Tools\Toomcat9\webapps\openmrs]

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@kdaud did you try deploying openmrs with sdk as seen here

can you try to share the server logs ?? which version of mysql are you running ??

@mozzy Mysql-Version

we currently suppoert Msql 5.7, can you first downgrade your MYsql version to 5.7 ?? see

Does it mean losing all my projects developed . Or

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If thats the case am gone uninstall and install Mysql 5.7 just now. I think that was the problem surely. Thanks @mozzy for not giving up on me

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well , you can backup all that data in a separate file , and import it again in another instance of mysql

@mozzy Thats what have done! Have exported them all my projects and stored them in a folder though am worried of whether Mysql supports backward compatibility!


there is information online were you can just export your database and then import it to a different mysql instance and no worries about the backward compatibility!

Thanks @herbert24!

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Are you progressing @kdaud?