openmrs-core tests currently failing


there are 2 tests currently failing on master see

I am not sure why yet. I am reverting changes I made today. So far that has not fixed it, which puzzles me. If anyone has time and a hunch please let me know. I am trying to fix this but am unsure when that will be. I am very sorry. Thanks for your patience in advance!

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I think I reverted all of today’s changes, the build was green yesterday. I don’t know what is causing this. Any help is very appreciated!

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@teleivo it fails locally too.

not unexpected, would be even weirder if it did not.

If you wonder why I commit changes that most likely lead to this. Well the automated PRs, ran the tests and they were passing. I did not change this test or the implementation it is testing. I also did not change the dataset this test is relying on.

I also think I reverted all of my today’s changes so we should be back at a working state. Unfortunately, we are not.

I might be overlooking something super simple that is why I need others to help me figure this out as you have fresh eyes. Thanks a lot :heart:

the implementation hasnt changed in a long time see

Change the expiration date in the file “org/openmrs/api/db/hibernate/include/HibernateAlertDAOTestDataSet.xml” for alert_id=“2”, for example to 2021. :wink:


whaaooo , great @sacull

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related PR :

Remember that, because this post will come back in a year. 2021 was an example, 2100 or similar would be better.

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thanks @sacull , 2100 is too far, 2025 will be better .

Any year that does not fail the test will be good. :nerd_face:

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thank you very much @sacull

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thank you so much! what a classic :joy: I guess I was the lucky one who got bitten by it. Well, next time I might remember when I go down the list of possibilities. Again thanknyou so much for looking into this :heart:

After the quick fix we should if possible create this data entry dynamically. So that we adjust the date and make future proof test.


Do we need to create a Ticket for this

@teleivo ?

we just merged the suggested fix :slight_smile: I reopened the ticket that added the test with a suggestion on how to improve it

so please don’t create a new ticket

builds are passing again! thanks a lot to @sacull @achilep !!


That was a nice catch @sacull :smile: