openmrs-core testing

Hello guys, i was working on: [TRUNK-5604] org/openmrs/api/ - OpenMRS Issues where we have to create test cases for , it may sound childish but where can i get documentation regarding what this class does and how to run openmrs-core module and see its working?

Hello @siddd , The ticket in reference hasn’t been moved to ready for work.

Check out this documentation Unit Tests - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki for information on how tests are written accros all modules of OMRS


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Oh, i didn’t know how flags were working, thanks for sharing resources mate. Also i have a small doubt, if i want to fix some issue then which flag should i consider it to have?

Are you interested in openmrs flags Patient Flag Module OWA - Projects - OpenMRS Wiki

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Dear @siddd Go through this documentation Tickets - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

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