OpenMRS Atlas Server 2.0 installation

In .env file we have this line /* Markers Source */ ‘SITE_SOURCE’ => ‘http://localhost/openmrs-contrib-atlas/public/data.php?callback=loadSites’ But I do not see a data.php file in repository.

When I try to run the application it throws error for not able to find data.php

Am I missing sonething?

Hello @alexis_duque. Would you be able to provide some help on this. @abhishekjhaji is trying to setup OpenMRS Atlas Server locally on his mac, but is facing some issues.

Hi @abhishekjhaji,

data.php?callback=loadSites is a route URL as defined here : So, there is not any data.php file.

If something is going wrong running the app, try first to make the 'SITE_SOURCE' URL working. You may expected something like here (if you allready have populated your local database)

In a first time, you can try setting 'SITE_SOURCE' => ''.

If it doesn’t work, the problem isn’t related to SITE_SOURCE value.

I hope it can help you :smirk:



Hi @alexis_duque ,

It was throwing error because of empty database because of which browser console was throwing get error. Fixed that.

Is there any sql dump or seed to populate database?

In addition to this, in .env file there is configuration for “API Key for ID Auth”. ‘ID_HOST’ => ‘http://localhost:3000’,

Where and how these are used. What does it expect to be running on port 3000 ?

'ID_HOST' => 'http://localhost:3000', is for authenticating the user in your local Atlas Server.

If you want to do that, you must setting up local instance of OpenMRS ID server, but it’s a bit tricky.

You should ask OpenMRS Helpdesk to get a dump of Atlas Server database (or a sample). I’m not sure I can provide one.


Is there a way to disable Authentication / or provide a stubbed response?

Also - I think we will need to wait for @burke to be able to get sample data from DB. Abhishek, can’t you add dummy data via SQL to the db. I guess you just need one row of data to make things work.

Regards Gurpreet


That I have already done for few different types. Currently my local set up shows those marker.

I wanted to check that whether it is provided and I missed it. Now I will create dump from json response at actual atlas server.

We don’t really need the full real DB for our work. We just need some sample data, so that you can figure out the next steps of how to add more fields to the form.

You could maybe copy, two or three fields from real database, but its mostly not needed. Do you agree?

Regards Gurpreet

Gurpreet, You can have a look at this repo :

It should do the job :wink:

Can you please tell us how to integrate mock authentication in atlas module?

Hey we were able to configure it. thanks

@abhishekjhaji Nice :wink: