OpenMRS as a global good software

I need to know somethings about openMRS is it true that the software has been packaged for one or more common operating systems or platforms and software upgrades can largely be achieved without manual intervention?

is unit or integration testing is part of the release process?

Have you guys done any penetration tests in the last 12 months?

Hi @dta, welcome here.

That’s possible yes, but it would depend on the quality of the delivery pipelines of the OpenMRS service provider you would work with. As such OpenMRS is just a web app deployed on Tomcat, so it’s easily upgraded with all automation possible in general for web apps deployed on Tomcat.

Yes of course.

What do you mean by ‘penetration tests’?

Thanks alot… penetration test as per an independent security audit performed on open MRS by an external firm in the last 12 months

I don’t think so, but others might weigh in. The latest that I’m aware of is this:

Thanks a mil!