OpenMRS App Framework REST?

Hi Bahmni team (or anyone else),

For some PIH work (an Angular-ized visit dashboard) I need to get access to the extensions from the appframework module via REST +/- an Angular service.

I presume you all have already done this. Can you point me to the server-side and/or client-side code?

Hey Darius,

We don’t really use the services in app framework. We load the config directly on the client side and we have angular services around it.


Oh, so you use the build process to serve the json files to the client verbatim, rather than using rest?

That’s right Darius. And we have angular services around the config for specifically fetching the config that is required.

You can look at the code here:

Another thing is that we initially tried to model the app config as it was done for app framework. We don’t know if we are still conformant.