OpenMRS Android Client App crashes on clicking Register Patient

I am able to login into the Android client with test credential
username : admin
password : Admin123
After logging in when I click on Register Patient, the app crashes with the following log report
@f4ww4z please help me with this issue

Sorry about it, the best way to share an error log is by use of paste bin.

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Thank you for correcting me, I have edited the post.

@ajaymourya you can checkout in regards to pastebin

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It looks like an error because of the project not currently using the Androidx implementation of the Android UI (views). In this case the FloatingActionButton cannot be created from the old design library. This issue is actually actively being worked on at , it should go away after the work is done. Thanks @ajaymourya for the notice, though.

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It’s merged now @ajaymourya . Can you test it again? Thanks