OpenMRS Android Client 2.4 released!


Me and @adamg were working on OpenMRS Android Client for some time and we are happy to announce version 2.4! :tada:

What is changed:

  • Added merging patients registered offline
  • Find Patient storyboard refactoring
  • Fixed bugs

Changes presented above are changes visible only to user, but our main objective while working on this project was making its code more readable, by applying MVP pattern on it. By applying this pattern, it will be MUCH easier to implement new features and create tests - which (for now) aren’t present in project.

I’ve already added new version notes to Android Client Wiki :slight_smile:

Cheers, Tomek


Thanks @tmarzeion, @adamg and the rest of the @SolDevelo team for the great work! Please keep it up!!! :slight_smile:

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Thanks @SolDevelo! FYI it was a side project for the team. It’s great to see a project ending with a new release! Congrats guys!