OpenMRS Academy Fundamentals: Call for Facilitators!

Hi everyone!

The OpenMRS Academy Squad is looking ahead to the end of September, when the Fundamentals course will be piloted in Mozambique.

This is will be a great opportunity for us to test out the curriculum - and identify where we can make it even better!

We are looking for a few people who can help co-facilitate Module 3 and Module 4. It’s okay if you are not in Mozambique - we’ll make arrangements for you to call in or pre-record your session. Specifically, we’re looking for community members who have facilitation experience and are familiar with the OpenMRS platform, modules, OpenMRS data model, concept dictionary, distributions, and QA framework (to name a few things).

If you are interested, please let us know by responding to this thread or sending a pm to @jennifer. Better yet, join one of our upcoming OpenMRS Academy Squad meetings and get to know the content!


@jennifer i will be available to help


@ssemakadde am glad you are back. We have been missing you in the community.


This Academy formulation and design is GREAT! I am looking forward to ‘participating’ even if only as a ‘student’.