OpenMRS 3.x new condition addition.

Hi Team,

I am trying to setup openmrs in advanced mode. I have set the spa.remote.enabled global setting to true and able see the openmrs 3.x front end components and able to login.

I am trying to add a new condition to the existing one, and tried to create two entries into two different db table.

INSERT INTO OPENMRS.concept (concept_id, retired, short_name, description, form_text, datatype_id, class_id, is_set, creator, date_created, version, changed_by, date_changed, retired_by, date_retired, retire_reason, uuid) VALUES (165174, 0,‘’,‘’,‘’, 4, 10, 0, 1, CURRENT_DATE(),‘’,1, CURRENT_DATE(),1,CURRENT_DATE(),‘’, ‘b5f717ea-2753-11ed-a261-0242ac120002’);

INSERT INTO openmrs.concept_name (concept_name_id, concept_id, name, locale, locale_preferred, creator, date_created, concept_name_type, voided, voided_by, date_voided, void_reason, uuid, date_changed, changed_by) VALUES (145522, 165174, ‘Vikram new concept’, ‘en’, 1, 1, CURRENT_DATE(), ‘FULLY_SPECIFIED’, 0, 1, NULL, NULL, ‘bef3d868-274b-11ed-a261-0242ac120002’, NULL, 1);

But I am not able to find the newly added condition into the UI.

Any help is appreciated.