Openmrs 3.0 spa cannot read frontend contents


I am trying to serve the 3.0 static files obtained from building based on this in the documentation.

The backend is an OpenMRS server and its APIs. The frontend application and backend server do not have to be colocated. Since the frontend really just a set of static files, it can be served from anywhere. The specific setup is up to you.

I have placed the static files in this directory ```C:\Users\Cynthia Kamau\AppData\Roaming\OpenMRS\frontend ```` and configured my settings like this :

When i attempt to run the project, my static files cannot be found. The pastebin link is here. I have changed the ownership rights of the frontend directory and i have also tried adding and pointing the frontend directory to my root directory but the error still persists. When i try to use the remote url option, i get a 403 api error code, which means i am not authenticated/authorised. Is there anyone who might have experienced the same or knows a possible way i could read my static local files ? Any advice/links to read will be highly appreciated. Thanks.