OpenMRS 2019 Conference Hackathon

Hello community:

As we approach the OpenMRS 2019 hackathon, lots of important things and topics are going to be discussed in order to best steer OpenMRS forward.

I wanted to inquire if there is a provision of having video recordings of all the sessions that will transpire in the hackathon in order to best cater for those who didn’t get scholarships to be at this years community conference, for the same footing of all community members.


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Good idea @gcliff. cc @jennifer

Hi @gcliff

What I’m sure of, we shall take notes of what will be derived from the hackathon, however I think we should also consider taking videos of final deliverables(In form of presentations per group maybe) from different groups involved!!!

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THANKS @samuel34 :+1:

@gcliff this will be a great idea to suggest it to the groups. We could share the openmrs uberconference URL to allow those that won’t be present to have a feel of the hackathon.

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thanks @ggomez for your idea, will be waiting

This would be great, but challenging to implement as attendees will split into a number of different working groups focused on various topics - it would be hard to capture these using a single static recording source. However, we’ll be asking attendees to take notes and topic ambassadors to present on their topic at the start and end of the event, and these will be added as links to the 2019 Implementers Conference Hackathon wiki page.

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