OpenMRS 2.x SDK project for GSoC 2015

Hi @raff,

I am Haolan, I have strong interest on the deploy helper and also some related hands-on skills. I wonder if you are still mentoring this project? I have already deployed the developing environment, and will hopefully submit my first PR soon.

For some reason I have got a little late, but I hope it’s too late to write my proposal. Any advice will be highly appreciated, thanks in advance!

Hi @haolan,

Yes, I’m a mentor for the SDK project.

I can review your first PR if you want. Just ping me when it’s ready.

Hi @raff,

Thanks for your reply! Here is my PR . It’s sort of trivial but I just got a big picture about how our workflow is like. I am working on my proposal and will submit that ASAP.

BTW, is there any issue related to our sdk project on JIRA? I hope I could follow that to approach our project. Thanks again!

Hi @Haolan,

There is a project in JIRA at, but all issues are for 1.x version of SDK. The 2.x project will start from reorganizing things so it doesn’t make much sense to invest more time into 1.x version.

Please refer to moodle for any discussion about your proposal.

Thanks @raff,

I was in my TA section just now. Thanks for your feed back! I will update my proposal and PR accordingly.BTW, what do you mean by moodle, aren’t we discussing it on melange?

I meant melange, sorry :slight_smile:

NP! Thanks for your help man! :grinning: