OpenMRS 2.5 dashboard very Slow

Hello all,

I have updated my installation to OpenMRS 2.5 (FROM 2.3) … OpenMRS 2.5 very slow when I load the visit page and patient dashboard. I have used the same hardware.

I am assuming the problem is related to previous installation of Sync module.

Here is logs

I appreciate any help in this regards Thanks

Could you please try setting the search.caseSensitiveDatabaseStringComparison global property to false?

Thanks @raff. If that fixes it, and therefore this is the same issue the iSante Team was seeing, probably another vote for making the default value false.


Thanks @raff and @mogoodrich What I did last night is redoing the upgrade over and over again until I got a version that loads the dashboard at almost similar speed . No clue why it worked. However , this last working version had another porblem which is showing concepts on saved forms as numbers not names . For example for codes concepts like : yes , no , unknown … openmrs won’t show the concept name on saved forms but rather concept # 123 as an answer. Do u have an idea what is going on here.

What I would do today is redoing the upgrade again and follow your tips above . I will let you know