OpenMRS 2.3.6 release

Hi all,

I’d like to release OpenMRS 2.3.6. Is there any objection to this or any work in progress that’d be needed to merge before the release?

cc @mseaton, @dkayiwa, @ibacher, @mksd, @mksrom , @mogoodrich, @raff, @dev5, @dev4

Regards Nathan

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No objection!


No objections here!

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Many thanks to all contributors for this release :tada: :tada: :tada:.

OpenMRS 2.3.6 has been released. See the ci build here and the war file can be found here.

Kind regards, Nathan.

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Do you plan to also have it here? OpenMRS - Browse /releases at

Thanks for the catch @dkayiwa. I should also trigger the corresponding OpenMRS Platform job to accomplish this.

@dkayiwa now available on SourceForge here OpenMRS - Browse /releases/OpenMRS_Platform_2.3.6 at