OpenMRS 2.0 on Debian

Hey guys, i have a problem. Does anyone of you know how to install OpenMRS 2.0 on Debian. I can only use it when I start it with the command line but I want to install it local so that I don’t want to start it everytime with the command line. I hope someone of you know how to do it or to install it with apt-get install … .


@mzi, are you using the standalone version or did you separately install an application server and database (e.g. Tomcat/MySQL) and are trying to install it there?

Yes, I am using the Standalone version but I also installed separately Tomcat & MySQL. I want to install the OpenMrs Standalone version on Debian. Currently I am using OpenMrs 1.9 but I want to install OpenMrs 2.0 and I don’t know how. The OpenMrs 2.0 Standalone version have no install file and I didn’t find any guide in the Internet how to install OpenMrs 2.0. I hope you can help me to install it.

@mzi I assume you have download the refapp standalone or war distribution from [1]. AFAIK I know there is no apt-get solution for installing openmrs 2.0.0 in debian. But you can install tomcat and run it inside the tomcat. Please refer [2], if you want to setup it from the beginning. Let me know any help you need.



Thanks, Harsha

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Hi @mzi … following up on what @harsha89 said, if you install the OpenMRS WAR file within Tomcat, you can configure that Tomcat service to run automatically at startup and the OpenMRS application deployed within will be running.

@harsha89 Thanks for your help. It would be a good help if you could give me a guide how to setup OpenMrs 2.0 from the beginning. It’s my first time using Debian. It would be nice if you could do the guide step by step so that I can understand it. I also looked for the OpenMRS WAR File’s but I didn’t find any for 2.0. Only for 1.9.7.

Thanks, Engin

To install OpenMRS 2.0, you need to download OpenMRS Platform 1.9.7 from and install it in your Java application server (e.g. Tomcat) and then download OpenMRS 2.0 Modules & Data also from and install the all the modules in that ZIP file.

Our Platform 1.9.7 is the base system and is not the same product as the OpenMRS 2.0 application.

How do I install to OpenMrs 2.0 Modules & Data ? Please give me an instruction.


@mzi You just needs to download the OpenMRS released version which may 1.9.7 and install it first in your environment.Then in download page you can see the link for download openmrs 2.0 modules. So you can download them and unzip them first. You needs to copy all the *.omod files into .OpenMRS/modules directory created in your home. Then start it tomcat again. You may needs to increase pergem space in JVM. Use [1] to download required resources. And if you needs to build from the source please follow [2]. I’m happy to help you with anything, just let me know your problems that you facing.



I copied the modules from openmrs 2.0 in the Directory but the GUI didn’t change. When I start openmrs 2.0 standalone edition there is another Interface and I want the new interface. How do I get it ?

You using standalone version of OpenMRS or war distribution? What is the openmrs version you using? Let me know the steps you have followed.

I am using the war distribution 1.9 but I want the same Interface as the Standalone version of OpenMrs 2.0.

@mzi. Did you successfully deployed war distribution in tomcat container? That is the first step. Then you needs to copy all omods in openmrs 2.0 modules to your home directory .OpenMRS/modules directory. Did you complete that step also? Then it should be work. It worked fine for me. :slight_smile:

Yes, I successfully deployed war distribution in tomcat container. Then I copied as you sayed the openmrs 2.0 modules in the home/mzi/.Openmrs folder but it didn’t work. It’s still the old interface :frowning:. Do I have to do something else ?
Do I have to copy the modules in this directory —> /usr/share/tomcat7/.OpenMRS/modules ???

Did you copy to home/mzi/.Openmrs folder or home/mzi/.Openmrs/modules folder? You will needs to increase tomcat heap memory and permgen space via setting CATALINA_OPTS. All omods should be under home/mzi/.Openmrs/modules directory.If so you should get the new UI.

I copied it in the folder home/mzi/.Openmrs/modules. How do I increase tomcat heap memory and pergem space. I am really a noob in Debian. It’s my first time working with it. I hope you still have nerves for me. Could you please tell me step by step how to increase it ?

If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look at for some guidance.

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@mzi follow link provides by @michael. You just needs to append. You can export them via terminal as follows.

export CATALINA_OPTS="-Xms4096M -Xmx5120M" export JAVA_OPTS="-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -XX:PermSize=64m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m"

And if you need them permanently, which is the ideal solution, set CATALINA_OPTS in file in bin folder and you may set JAVA_OPTS in that file too.

Let us know any problems you facing. :smile:

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Dear Harsha,

Thanks for all the explanations given here about installing OpenMRS 2.0. It would be most appreciated if you or someone else can add this to the wiki documentation on installation of OpenMRS 2.0.

The steps of finding the download link after installing the 1.97 war file and the coping of the 2.0 modules to the home directory (I believe you mean the openmrs working directory) are not stated anywhere in the installation guide and I have read it over a few times.



Hi Kayodu, Mhh It is there. But I think we needs to clearly separate it as a different section. I’ll have a look :smile:

Thanks, Harsha

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