OpenMRS 2.0 and Vital Signs

Hi everyone,

My apologies, I’d like to get a quick understanding of OpenMRS vital signs used in OMRS 2.0. I’ tried googling this, but there doesn’t seem to be much info on the wiki. I’d look at the code base, but I’m not sure if I’d be looking in the right module source code or not. etc. And so I thought that I’d raise my question here.

(1) Do vital signs follow the same design as “conditions”, and is it built using the OMRS EMR API module ?

(2) Which module is responsible for this ? I see a module named “cyclical Capture Vital Signs”. Is it this, or via the core ?

Let me tag a few 2.0 people, :smile: @dkayiwa @raff @darius

Thank you :smile:

@surangak, vitals signs is just implemented as a form, which you can find at:

The vitals are just plain obs with plain concepts (referred to via CIEL codes). The form uses a Vitals encounter type, but we should assume that vitals may be captured in more places than just that.

The cyclical Capture Vital Signs app is defined here and it’s basically a find patient page that takes you to a confirm patient page, which then takes you to the enter form page: