OpenHatch at Stony Brook University 2014-11-16

So I am going to be mentoring at the OpenHatch event at Stony Brook University.

Are there any resources that are useful to students who would like to contribute…I am assuming that this1 would be useful. Are there any tickets I should advise them to steer clear of (to keep them for GCI)

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Thanks for being involved, @r0bby! I’ll let @sunbiz or @surangak reply with guidance about steering away from GCI tasks but the standard list will probably work.

Hi @r0bby,

My apologies for not responding to your question any sooner :frowning: Basically, all tickets created under the GCI JIRA project should be avoided, as they are relatively easier tickets created to encourage high schoolers to get involved.

Me thinks that other introductory tickets are all fair game :smile:

I had to cancel my involvement – I have a cold :’( and it’s a decent trek to get there from where I amf

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