OpenERP customer Payment prints error

when i try to print customer payments. This error popup

Can you please share the page that you used Print from ?

hi, above error was due to non confirmation of sales order. i was printing customer payments

is there any provision to add patient in backdate. in case of emergency at night if i miss customer registration and date changes. Can i register patient in back date?

No. AFIK, we don’t have this functionality of adding patients retrospectively. (This is available for observations.) Could you please elaborate on why you would need this functionality ? What is the value you are getting by adding back date ?

Actually suppose an emergency arrives at 23:00 hrs or few minutes later and in anycase if registration desk unable to add the person . In that case if patient is registered after midnight , date changes . some times actual admission date & time is need like in case of MLC or death etc.

So if a provision is available to choose dates in exceptional cases. It will be helpful