openERP and OpenElis Error

I had to increase the storage volume of the AWS instance in which Bahmni is running. I had to restart the server after increasing the storage and since then I am getting this error in both openElis and OpenERP logs

org.quartz.simpl.SimpleThreadPool$ Caused by: org.bahmni.webclients.WebClientsException: Could not authenticate with OpenMRS at org.bahmni.webclients.openmrs.OpenMRSLoginAuthenticator.confirmAuthenticated( at org.bahmni.webclients.openmrs.OpenMRSLoginAuthenticator.refreshRequestDetails(

Can anyone help identify the source of this problem?

Can someone please shed some light at this. Seems like a simple user authentication issue. If I know what account openElis / OpenERP is using to talk to OpenMRS I will probably be able to resolve this.

Please check -

Thanks a lot. That helped me to identify the user id and password used by erp-connect app.