Openelis Report Editor

Hi, I have edited PatientReportHaitiClinical.jrxml file using iReport 5.6 image Changed the date format and label name and compiled the report successfully, but I am getting the error while running the report from Elis.


and how to add sample type to this report.

Thank you.

Can you provide the changes in the report jrxml file in text form, and the full text of the stack trace? Also, please confirm that the report works when you revert the change.

There are specific versions of iReport that can be used, since the version of jrxml generated needs to be compatible with the jasper included in openelis. I don’t remember off-hand the versions that are compatible.

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@vinay I will try to compile the file with iReport 3.7.2 as suggest by @ramashish and let you know. Thanks

@vinay it worked after compile with iReport 3.7.2 but what i expected is not worked image
i want to add time in sample date field, tried changing the format not helped image . and how to add Requesting doctor name and test sample type in this report…