openelis integration in openmrs platform

Hi, I have installed openmrs version 1.9.8. I have installed the following modules in order to integrate the openelis with openmrs platform :

I have some problems with three modules that are unable to start and figure out the following errors : 1- sockethl7listener :

2-chirdlutil :

3- chirdlutilbackports :

could anyone help me on this please?

Hi @intidhar, Where did you find instructions to install these modules for getting OpenMRS-> OpenELIS installation? Bahmni doesn’t uses or supports any of those modules. Either the question is tagged wrongly under Bahmni or the installation instructions were not appropriate. Please refer Bahmni WIKI for more information.

Hi @swathivarkala, I found instructions to install these modules in the following link : Laboratory Information System Interoperability - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki. All what I want to know is how to configure the openmrs to be able to communicate the data with openelis? And which modules are necessary for this configuration? I have downloaded the openELIS.war, then I imported it in the eclipse and I run it on the Tomcat server. But it was unable to run and I got this error in my browser :

Are you using Bahmni or you just want to integrate base OpenMRS? I think you might be talking about OpenMRS support for Labs with IHE Protocols. Maybe address the question to OpenMRS development group.

Hi @angshuonline, I just want to integrate base OpenMRS to communicate and exchange data with a laboratory information system (OpenELIS).

Then, I think its the wrong talk channel. Would suggest you cross post this to “development” or “software | Add-on modules” or “community” channels.