OpenELIS: Handling of 'substitute test' or 'lab test not available'

Is there any special treatment within Bahmni if a lab technician decides to replace a test from the order with another test? This could happen because a particular test is currently not available or the lab technician thinks another test might make more sense.

From my observation there is no additional notification/display if e.g. the doctor order a CD4 count, but he received a RBC count back.

Hi @cine,

If a lab technician does not enter any result for a test, rather adds new test and adds a result, then the original order is still shown on the patient dashboard, with empty results. Result for newly added test will also show on patient dashboard.


This sounds like a good thing. But it doesn’t happen for me.

When I place an order in Bahmni, and simply replace the test in OpenELIS, then it seems to be ‘silently’ overwritten. I’ve attached two dashboard screenshot: A: the CD4 order, B: the returning result with RBC count.



Hi @cine,

I think this is a bug in our system then.

Thanks for pointing this out.

Raised this defect for this.