Open Web App parameter 'directory' is not a directory


I am using open web app 1.2 deployed on tomcat 7, openmrs 11.4 and running java 7.

When I start the module I see java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Parameter ‘directory’ is not a directory in the log, see full stack trace

The module starts though. And when I upload a sample owa like

I get the following error in the openmrs ui:

An Internal Error has Occurred (Permission denied)

the owa app folder path is


with permissions:

drwxrwxrwx 2 tomcat7 tomcat7 4096 Feb 24 06:54 owa/

Any hints?

I recently made some related fixes, so I recommend building the module from source and using that. I also have some additional improvements in an un-merged PR that @sunbiz will hopefully land at some point (but you could also try building from my fork) …

There is also a new wiki page about the OWA development workflow here if you’re interested.

@teleivo I also had the same issue and to fix it, I updated the OWA path in administration > Open Web Apps Module > settings. Then configure the correct path for those fields:

  • App Base URL: http://IP:port/openmrs/owa or sometime NULL value in database global properties also work
  • App Folder Path:. (Ex. /var/lib/OpenMRS/owa) Thanks

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