Open Source is the worst

It’s always nice to get a shout out from the father of FHIR…

Yay OpenMRS!

(Be sure to read the linked article before responding to the click bait title… see if you can spot his shout out to our community)

For those who may not know, Grahame Grieve is the founder of FHIR, which is becoming the new standard for medical information and APIs


Open source is the worst… in assigning accountability. That’s a real challenge for clients that require this strongly. It’s not a fundamental issue at all, but it’s a big one since it demands a profound cultural change in organisations that are not yet ready for investing in open source solutions. Profound enough to buy into commercial software a few more times alas.

But I mean yes of course, the day this kind of things happen, you know that you can’t fight open source anymore. And I don’t think that was a Trojan horse, that was resignation and strategic alignment.

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