Open elis logon failed

Hello everyone,

I installed bahmni and have been able to access OpenMRS and previously OpenElis. However, for some strange reason, I am unable to login to OpenElis of late. I suspect I might have changed the password and forgotten the new one(I never do) so I was hoping to get some help on how I can proceed. Fortunately I don’t have any real data and can afford to reinstall the entire system but was wondering whether its possible to delete and reinstall OpenElis alone.

Thanks for the help. Nicholas

Hi Nicholas, I hope you have access to the machine and database. Please first check what has happened to the user

psql -U clinlims clinlims=# select * from login_user;

a. User has changed the password and forgot b. The account might have been locked for many login attempts c. Password might have been expired d. The account might have been disabled

b, c and d are simpler and can be rectified by updating the value of the relevant column.
If what you suspect is true, that is you have changed the password and forgotten, then an easier way out would be to restore the password column with the original hash value (n2OrWHXVm/BQsgd1YZJoCA==) to get back to the default password for admin.

Thanks you Arjun; The query “clinlims=# select * from login_user” returned the original hash (ie n2OrWHXVm/BQsgd1YZJoCA). Turns out the password expired so I was able to update the expiry date as shown on this page] ( Thanks a whole alot.